Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Questions (and Answers) for the New Year

1) The answer to the question, "Should I take a nap?" is always "No."

This is not to say that one can never nap. As my brother puts it, "If you really needed a nap, you would not be asking the question."

Corollary to #1: The answer to the question, "Should I go to the gym?" is always "Yes." This does not get its own number because I no longer ever ask myself this question, but you might so I thought I ought to put it out there.

2) The answer to the question "What should I write about?" is "It doesn't matter."

Too often, I don't write at all because I can't think of an idea. In '09, I am just going to write. Better to write crap than nothing at all.

3) The answer to the question, "How much time should I spend blogging?" is "As much as I want."

Blogging is a totally worthwhile activity. Unlike checking election polls and amazon rankings, you actually have something to show for it at the end of the day. Starting this blog was my biggest accomplishment in '08. I had over 500 visitors in December alone. I met lots of really awesome bloggers and feel like I am part of an extremely supportive community. Thanks to everyone who stops by and especially to those who leave me comments!


Anonymous said...

OK, you are really gung-ho for blogging! I suppose this means I need to catch up to your frequency of blog posts of late!

Would you blog on a log?
Would you blog with a frog?
Blog, Corey, Blog!

I am planning on doing a piece on Edgar Allen Poe's single effect from 'A Theory of the Short Story.'

In the meantime, I suppose I need to list my new year's writing resolutions.

Christine said...

"As much as I wnat" I love it! Go for it!

Christine said...

OOps- "want" not "wnat" Spell check my comments should be a 2009 resolution for me.

Sherrie Petersen said...

I love Tara's poem -- that's hilarious!

I'm with you on the blogging. It's writing, too!

Suzanne Casamento said...

I love all your questions and answers! Although I didn't work out today and when I saw your gym question, I got a pang of guilt.

Congratulations on all your visitors. That's fantastic!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!