Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Verdict

The verdict on my last post seems to be that it is acceptable to "drop' blogs if they no longer interest you. Guess I am just way too sensitive. But I knew that, already. It's a slight clue when you cry during Disney movies. If you want to see me really bawl, watch me viewing the Christian the Lion video on YouTube. Gets me every time. The first time I saw it, I had to explain to my kids that I was crying because I was "happy". Try explaining that to a three year old boy. My four year old daughter tried to help.

JORDAN: Joshy, sometimes it is good to cry. It shows you are sensitive. Mommy and I are sensitive butterflies.

JOSH: Daddy and I are sensitive motorcycles.

Anyway, the post did get me a new follower. (Thanks, Mom!) Now I am off to answer my first interview question. I am being interviewed by Tara Lazar on the collaborative process of writing, something I have not blogged about yet. Should be fun.

You may want to hop over to Tara's blog and comment so you can be eligible to win a $25-$35 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice!


Rebecca Gomez said...

An interview. Cool! I look forward to seeing it up.

Anonymous said...

Corey, thanks for mentioning the interview. I look forward to asking you lots of difficult questions, like what is the millionth decimal digit of pi? Where do those missing socks really go? Why is Nicole Richie famous?


I am very sensitive as well, but I have a tough outer shell like that chocolate and nut coating on a Drumstick.

I recently read the kids "For the Love of Autumn" by Patricia Polacco and was brought to tears by the ending. My daughter had the weirdest look on her face, like Mommy, what is WRONG with YOU? They were not as moved by the story as I was. It's a total Mommy tale.

PurpleClover said...

Posted about sensitive butterflies on my blog. I hope you like it!

Kelly H-Y said...

I'm with you ... I'd be sad to lose someone! I completely understand how you feel! That said ... your blog is fantastic, so don't worry about it!! Congrats on the interview ... I'll head over there later today!! I loved the conversation on sensitivity between your children .... 'sensitive motorcycles'! Love it!

Little Ms J said...

Hi Corey - I'll follow you!

I laughed out loud about the sensitive motocycle. Kids are the best. My friend's son told me the other day that he was going to be a rock star. When I asked him what his back up plan was he said, "I'll be a geek. They make all the money. Or I could be President. The President gets all the chicks." He's six.

Corey Schwartz said...

Aw, thanks, Little Ms.J. :)