Monday, April 13, 2009

Do Frappucinos Kill Brain Cells?

Just when I start to feel good about myself, a school break comes along to remind me that I have no parenting skills whatsoever.

Then today, I found a drawer full of checks that I never deposited from a school visit I did in January. (And I made fun of my husband for bringing our son home from a bowling party last week with bowling shoes on... sneakers still at alley.)

Our poor kids. Mom is experiencing early senility and Dad is not far behind.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You are not alone. I make fun of my hubby all the time for forgetting to take his cell phone and lunch with him to work in the mornings. Then last week, I forgot to pick up my daughter and her friends from Kindergarten not once, but twice. I'm sure her teacher rolled her eyes.

Sherrie Petersen said...

I am so with you on this one! When I was pregnant I blamed it on placenta brain. But my kids are 6 and 9 now so what gives??!!

K said...

At least our road to loss of memory is a slow and funny one (in the beginning at least). I thought pregnancy brain was supposed to end when the child was born, but like Solvang Sherrie said, it seems to just be the beginning of the end.

I think my brain is extended so far out of my head now, because I need to anticipate what trouble my toddler can get into before it happens, that it will be difficult to one day rein it back in. Maybe this extension of myself is spreading the neurons too thin and making me absent-minded :)

PurpleClover said...

I think its the lack of sleep from the earlier years of their childhood that deprived us of them!

I do really stupid things all the time! :)

Casey Something said...

Oh gosh, add me to the list. A common phrase I have been muttering lately - "what's wrong with my brain?"