Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to Spend an Advance (that You Don't Even Have Yet!)

I've spent my advance five times over already. Yes, the advance that hasn't yet come. That one.

But now that I know it is coming (at some point!)

I made a list...

1) dive trip to the Caribbean
2) fancy new web site and book trailer
3) Highlights Foundation workshop
4) piece of original picture book art
5) publicist for the Ninja Pigs launch!

Too bad for me, my advance barely covers one of those things!

Being impulsive and unable to wait for 1, 2, 3, or 5, I picked a piece of art from Tyrannosaurus Drip, by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts. This book is bloody brilliant! (Naturally, it's created by Brits)

So, I will soon have the final spread of T-Drip hanging on my wall where I can see it every day!

Now I need to sell four more manuscripts, so I can splurge on the other things.

What are you going to do when you get your first/next advance?


Tara McClendon said...

I'm going to buy a new pair of shoes. Nothing fancy, just a pair of Born, but I love Born. And I'm going to take my husband to dinner. He deserves it many times over for being so supportive.

Wendy Sparrow said...

Pay off the kids' therapy bills and take the kids to Disneyland.

I guess it depends on how much it is--it might be an either/or scenario.

Plus, there will always be the temptation to laminate it, frame it, and stare at it for hours.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Fix the hot tub.

Unknown said...

Practical me: spiffy author website

Fun me: Disney cruise

Practical me will win because Hubbykins will take her side. (And, yes, I realize that a picture book advance would cover neither of these.) :)

Kristi Faith said...

what a fun daydream for me. LOL I haven't even gotten anything ready to query and I could only imagine my list..though I think at the top of it is moving back home to be closer to my mom, well, and I just miss CA.

lisa and laura said...

Ooh, I'll play! I'd take a vacation with my husband. Something tropical and fabulous. Of course the most likely scenario is that we'll put it all in savings. BORING.

Kristin said...

A trip somewhere fun for *cough* research. Like an old castle. Or a spiffy website. Art lessons. How bout a regular babysitter.

Rebecca Gomez said...

I love Tyrannosaurus Drip!

Hmmm...what will I buy with my first advance? The first thing that popped into my head is a new chair for my living room. The second thing is a really great pair of leather boots. I'm sure I could do both if I'm thrifty.

hytime said...

We did a real estate deal this week -- sold an apartment in Manhattan -- and when I get my check I'm going to give it to my daughter for a dive trip to the Caribbean ... or, maybe I'll go to the Super Bowl. ;-)

Tess said...

How funny - I'm reading your post and thinking, "cool! that's a major amount of cash!" ... then I finished and thought "Oh well :D"

We can wish and dream, right? Me? I'm sinking any future advance right back into the work (book launch, swag, tours). Well, after I take the family to celebrate at Cold Stone.

Ame Dyckman said...

Okay, you guys promise not to laugh? I bought (drumroll)... a personalized license plate! (Well, I've always wanted one!)

Dawn Simon said...

It depends when it happens. If it's sooner rather than later, I'd like to get a new and very cool cell phone. If it's later, I might get one of those transporters (like the ones in Star Trek) for my book tour. Oh, dear...let's hope it's MUCH sooner than that. Hee!

Seriously, I think it would go to book promotion stuff and my kids' college tuition.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I'd have to go on a trip for important research--you know, like to the British Library, the Louvre and the Vatican. Just work. ;)

myrna rosen said...

if i got a nice big advance, i'd take my granddaughter
to the museum. any museum she wanted to see.
anywhere it happens to be!*

* please see:

Corey Schwartz said...

Well, Tess, you'd probably get a lot more for YA. PB advances are notoriously low. And I do want to put the money into book promotion, but it is SO far off. I could be looking at Spring '13! Crazy, huh?

Jacqui said...

This is so lame: I use every cent for day care to write more. Honestly, it's like I'm an addict.

Unknown said...

If/when I'm ever in the position to receive an advance, I'll surely do something boring like pay off a bill or outfit my daughter in braces. LOL!

Danyelle L. said...


Hmmm. If I got an advance, I'd probably spend it on more books. >.<

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Fun post!

I would work my tail off trying to promote the book (pretty nerdy, huh?)

Or...I would put it toward something fun for the family.

Wow. Sometimes I blow myself away with my own radical behavior. hehehe!

Diana Paz said...

Probably something boring like pay off the minivan, but I like to dream about taking a great vacation :)