Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why I Don't Blog Anymore

When I started to blog in late 2008, I was madly in love with it.  One might even say "obsessed."  (Especially if "one' happened to be a neglected member of my family)

I got 169 posts up in my first full calendar year, and must have read and commented on literally tens of thousands of others.  In 2010, I was down to 84 posts, and in 2012, I set a goal of 24 and sadly, couldn't even manage that. 

I used to get so many benefits from blogging.  A sense of community.  A feeling of connectedness and support. A way to procrastinate doing laundry.  

What happened?  I asked myself.

Did I have burn out?  Had I run out of things to say? Was it because my kids were older and were not giving me as much funny material?

How could I have stopped blogging?

And that's when I realized.... I haven't stopped. 

It is just now called-- Facebook.  Posts are shorter (and referred to as "status updates").  But the essence is the same. (just ask the neglected husband and kids)

And so, my days of posting here are pretty much behind me. However, since I can't update my web site myself, I will use this blog as the dynamic portion of my site. It'll kind of be my "News and Events" section.

And speaking of news... I have a LOT of it! 

So stay tuned.