Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NINJA RED RIDING HOOD- What the Kids Had to Say

The first NINJA RED RIDING HOOD reviews are in!  They are not from Kirkus.  They're not from PW. They are from an awesome bunch of third graders who live in Alberta, Canada.  This class got an F&G (an unbound review copy) and quickly realized that the wolf is the same one who appeared in THE THREE NINJA PIGS.

Here are their comments:

"The author used great juicy words!" - Mason

"This is seriously one of the best books I've ever read.  The author needs to make more of these!" - Nolan

"The page where Red Riding Hood comes out of her cape and becomes a ninja is the best surprise!" - Dyson

"I can't believe it ended that way!  A wolf has to eat meat!" - Gabby

"I think the illustrator was really smart.  He used the same animals from the end of the Three Ninja Pigs at the beginning of Ninja Red Riding Hood." 

"I wonder what the next Ninja book will be?  Goldininja?" - Gage

"Dan Santat has a great imagination.  But I wonder why the wolf wasn't fatter in the The Three Ninja Pigs?" - Carter

"I still think that Wolf's ninja teacher is Red Riding Hood's Grandma."  -  Jenna

"The best part was when the Wolf was 'achin' for bacon'!" - Arland

Note: No children were offered bribes in exchange for favorable feedback.