Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Meter Maids are on Patrol (+ Giveaway!)

A few weeks ago, Tiffany and I gave an SCBWI workshop called Meter Maids: Sparkling Rhyme, Every Time.  

Based on the awesome feedback and interest we got from that event, we've decided to start a blog called, The Meter Maids.   The blog will include all sorts of insider tips and tricks of how to write great rhymes, citing loads of examples, so you can see techniques in action.

In celebration of our launch, everyone who follows us and leaves a comment will be automatically entered to win a signed arc of Tiffany's debut picture book, THE MONSTER WHO LOST HIS MEAN! 

The best way to become a good rhymer is to read GREAT rhyme!  Tiffany is a master of techniques such as internal rhyme.  Just take a look at her first stanza!

Monsters are a  spooky bunch-
a scary, hairy group.
They run in packs, leave giant tracks, 
and dine on eyeball soup.

Adorable, huh?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Red is Alive and Well

A few years ago, I was at a conference, and I overheard someone in the bathroom tell her friend, "I just had my one-on-one and the agent told me that the fractured fairy tale market is completely flooded."   He had basically told that fractured fairy tales were no longer selling.  But what he was really saying was "Fractured fairy aren't selling...  unless they are kick-ass awesome!"

I am not the only one who sold a Little Red  spin off this month.   Tara Lazar just sold Little Red Gliding Hood to Heidi Kilgras at Random House.

And she wouldn't have had the idea if I hadn't come up with the title during PiBoIdMo 2010.

And I would never have written GOLDI ROCKS AND THE THREE BEARS or NINJA RED if it hadn't been for Tara's PiBoIDMo 2009!

Tara and I definitely have a symbiotic thing going here.

But my real point is...  there is always room in the market for something if it is GOOD.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Ninja News and a Giveaway!

Okay, I have been MIA for the past couple of months.

It's not because I didn't have anything to say.   (I did)

And it's not because I have a big mouth and I was afraid I would let the cat out of the bag too soon.  (though I do... and I already did... on Facebook!)

It's because I was preparing to give my first-ever workshop at the NJ SCBWI annual conference, and I am completely incapable of multi-tasking! 

I can't even talk and drive at the same time.  Just ask Tara Lazar!  (I gave her a ride to the conference)

But now that the SCBWI event is over, I am back with some big news:

I have hit the trifecta!

I am thrilled to announce that Putnam has taken a third fractured fairy tale-  NINJA RED.

To celebrate, I am giving away a copy of THE THREE NINJA PIGS 

Two ways to enter:

1)  Follow me here and leave a comment on this post.
2)  "Like" my author page on Facebook and leave a comment there.

I will draw one winner on Thursday June 14th at 8:00 PM (EST) and pre-order a copy of the book which will arrive on its release date, September 27th.