Monday, September 22, 2014

I Like Banned Books... and I Cannot Lie! (plus a giveaway!)

I like banned books... and I cannot lie.  I also like big butts.

Butts are funny.  They make kids laugh.  But some people don't like big butts.   Some people give THE THREE NINJA PIGS a one-star review on Goodreads and write comments like, "I purchased this book for my classroom, but after reading it, I have decided it isn't appropriate for young children. I don't appreciate that it has the word 'butt' in it."

Well, those people are not going to like many of my other books either, because nearly every story I write has the word butt, or some synonym for butt, in it!

So in honor of Banned Books Week (and big butts!), I am giving away a signed copy of THE THREE NINJA PIGS.

Just leave a comment to be entered.  Winner will be selected on Sept 27, at 10:00 PM EST.