Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Tour Teaser

Guess who is making a stop here tomorrow as part of his blog tour???

I'll give you a hint:

There once was a guy who loved silliness.
Nonsense words gave him a thrilliness.
You'll be quite impressed with his skilliness.
If you can't guess, I will spilliness.

Gosh that rhyme scheme was hard! I'm even more impressed with him than I was before.


It is Aaron Zenz, also known in some circles as Z-Dad. Aaron is a super talented author AND illustrator, and he will be visiting us to celebrate the re-release of his whimsical picture book, The Hiccupotamus.

There once was a hippopotamus
Who hiccupped quite-a-lotamus.
And every time he got-emus...
He'd fall upon his bottomus.

I know, I know... he makes it look so easy!

So, please come back tomorrow. And if you'd like to check out some of the other posts on Aaron and his work, here are all the stops on the tour:

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Tuesday Sept 8: Fuse #8
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Thursday Sept 10: Mother Reader
Friday Sept 11: Reading to Know
Saturday Sept 12: Book Scoops: (here and here)
Sunday Sept 13: 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Monday Sept 14: Jumping the Candlestick
Tuesday Sept 15: Thing 1 and Thing 2


Clementine said...

Looking forward to it a-whole-lotamus!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! And I forgot to mention, there will be a GIVEAWAY!

Susan R. Mills said...

Oh, did someone say giveaway? I'll be back for sure then!

Rebecca Gomez said...

Cool. I can't wait!

Stephanie Faris said...

How cool. I'll be back tomorrow then!

Tess said...


MG Higgins said...

Looks like fun!

Kelly H-Y said...

Can't wait!!!

Linda said...

The best writing always looks easy, doesn't it? If only it were!