Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rutgers Deadline Looms

Eek! The application for the Rutgers One-on-One Conference is due June 15th! (Last year, the deadline wasn't until July 8th, so I thought I still had plenty of time.)

Luckily, my friends know that I am totally ditzy and disorganized, so one of them emailed me to let me know. Thanks, Melissa!

Not only have my friends saved me from many fiascoes, but my preschoolers have occasionally done so too. (Hey, Mommy, you know today is a half day, right? WTF? No, I had no clue!)

Anyway, when I heard, I debated about whether or not to apply. One of my friends said, "You just went to SCBWI. And you have an agent, so why bother?"

I replied, "It's like the lottery... you have to play it a lot in order to win. It only takes ONE meeting with the right editor to get a book deal."

And, poof. I convinced myself. Gosh, I'm persuasive.


Crystal said...

Corey, I just remembered about Rutgers this past weekend, too! (Think I was getting too used to that July deadline also!) And you're right . . . it only takes 1 meeting with the right editor or agent.

I went in 2008 and LOVED it! I do hope I can get in this year as I think I'll be better prepared (I think I was a bit overwhelmed last time as it was the very first writer's conference I ever attended.

So here goes . . . :)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

This sounds intriguing! And I like the attitude that you've got to just go out there and try - you never know where the success is going to come from! :)

Tana said...

Oh yes, yes, yes! Never a bad idea to meet with an editor!!! Go Corey, go!

Tricia Fressola Idrobo said...

Definitely a worthwhile conference. I applied too. Hope to see you there again.