Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joey Fly 2- The Bugs are Back in Town!

If you liked Joey Fly, Private Eye- Creepy Crawly Crime, then you will love Joey Fly 2- Big Hairy Drama. Aaron Reynolds and Neil Numberman team up again to bring you another installment of this funny, punny graphic novel series.

A cold snap has blown into town like an unwanted house pest. But there’s only one guy in the bug city with the power to put crime permanently on ice: Joey Fly, Private Eye. He’s always on the lookout for trouble, and he runs into it when he meets Harry Spyderson, proprietor of the Scarab Beetle Theatre and director of the much-anticipated Bugliacci.

Greta Divawing, the four-winged, long-legged leading lady, has gone missing. Harry hires Joey Fly and his assistant, Sammy Stingrear-- oops, tail, it's Stingtail--to crack the case. Can they find Greta in time to save the show?
It has intrigue.
"What about Fleeago? Did you hear him threaten her in any way?"
"Wait a minute!  You think Fleeago did this?
"Just answer the question. Did he say "You'll pay for this!" or "Mwaa-ha-ha!" or anything like that?"
It has word play.
"You are a lover of theater, I see?"
"Well, I was in my second grade school production of A Lice in Wonderland. I'm no theater bug, though."

It has bathroom humor!
I eat poop, okay?  So I am not exactly what you'd call a discriminating eater.  But there are still some things that should go uneaten.  I'm just saying...
What more could a kid want?

Aaron Reynolds is a human, not a bug, but he often writes about bugs. He is the author of Chicks and Salsa, Superhero School, Buffalo Wings, and, of course, the Joey Fly, Private Eye graphic novels.

Neil Numberman is a termite currently residing in New York City. Joey Fly, Private Eye is his first graphic novel, but he is also the author/illustrator of the picture book Do NOT Build a Frankenstein.

And for every 10 comments, one random winner will be drawn to receive a bug caricature done by Neil!.  Many thanks in advance, Neil!


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love, love, love Fly Guy! My middle son adores the drawings. I think he would say his favorite is the bathroom humor, though. :-)

Tiffany Strelitz Haber said...

ha! looks awesome! def gonna get it for the boys!

Susan R. Mills said...

I must get this for my nephew. Looks perfect for him!

Elana Johnson said...

I have this book, too, and it is great. :)

Julie Musil said...

Word play and potty humor. What a perfect combination! This book sounds adorable.

Heather at My Coupon Coop said...

I love Joey Fly! And poop talk!

Tana said...

My kids love, love, love, graphic novels. Thanx for the run-down Corey!

Unknown said...

YAY! My son will have his sequel! or is that me.... ok, both!

Kristen Hilty said...

Who can pass on a bug caricature? Love the humor!

Jessie Oliveros said...

This looks right up my nephew's alley.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment 3 times. I hope this one works! I love doing 1940's Film Noir-style voices for the characters when I read JOEY FLY aloud to the kids.