Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Much Does the Medium Matter?

I had this conversation with a friend today.

ME:  You have got to watch Lost!  It's AMAZING.  I'm addicted.

HER:  I never get addicted to shows

ME:  But it's like crack cocaine..  The characters are so well-drawn.  The plot is so intricately woven.

HER:  I just am not that into TV

ME:  But.. but... but... this is not like other shows!  It's like the Hunger Games of television.  You just can't walk away.

HER:  Books are different to me

Of course, the written word is my first love.  I go to movies all the time and say "that didn't compare to the book"  But to me, the medium is less important than the following things:

Did the story-teller choose an interesting way in which to present the story? (i.e. by playing with time and perspective)
Are there unpredictable twists?
Do the characters have something at stake?

The biggest test of success for me is this ... is my head in the story even when I am not actively reading/watching?  Considering that Jack and Sawyer often come to the supermarket with me, I'd say Lost passes with flying colors.


Deb Markanton said...

Corey, I totally agree with you here. Those damn characters that hang around with me all day are distracting! In a good way. ;) Btw, what do Jack and Sawyer toss in your shopping cart?

Susan R. Mills said...

I have the same test. If characters are with me even when I'm not reading or watching, it's a winner. It's even better when they stick around for a long time after I've finished the book or the movie.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ditto what you and Deb and Susan said!! :-)

BookChook said...

To me, it is all about story. I love books, but I love movies, digital storytelling, art, choreography and dance, street theatre - yes, anything that entertains and sends me off into the fictive dream.

Tana said...

I LUV it when characters feel SO real that they become a part of who I am. Of course I love to fantasize all day long, but that's besides the point. ;)

Little Ms J said...

I can only watch Lost if we do a weekend sit in of a season. Otherwise I am so confused! I guess that's good... the story is always moving forward... or backwards... or um... sideways.

Candice said...

What fascinates me is how a book or show that is really well done can turn someone into a reader or TV watcher who wasn't before. My bro-in-law never read until my sister read him the Hunger Games on a drive. Now he reads all the time. Sometimes we just have to realize we love a certain medium.

Carla said...

I love characters that are real enough that new situations remind me of them. Thinking "Oh, ___ would love this!" can be good and bad!


Tana said...

Hi Corey! To answer your question from my blog, Tana rhymes with Anna. =)

Katie Anderson said...

I wish I had gotten into Lost. I ADORED Alias, which was J.J.'s first show (I think) so I started Lost and never got into it. I should have stuck it out because now everyone loves it.


Joanne R. Fritz said...

Well, you KNOW how much I love LOST and can't wait until you finish watching it so we can talk!

But, yes, characters that you sympathize with can be from books or movies or tv. Sure. And that's a good point -- when they hang around with you, they're becoming real. And that's what counts (although I hope Jack and Sawyer aren't hanging around you 24/7! Your husband may not understand, heh heh! As for me, I'll take Desmond.)

The hard part is achieving that in my own writing.

Unknown said...

OH how I miss LOST! Weeping. I'm weeping.