Monday, July 25, 2011

Tell the Truth Tuesday- I Mean Monday

Okay, I have come to two big realizations, so BIG that I can't wait till tomorrow to post.

1) I hate my Kindle.

I am sorry to admit this... I WANT to love my Kindle, but I think I just don't enjoy books as much when I read them electronically. At first, I thought I was just picking "bad" books. But now, I have gotten stuck midway through THREE different MG/YA novels, all of which are getting great reviews around the blogosphere. So, it must be the format, right?

2) I am a friggin' nightmare to work with!

I collaborate on nearly all my PB manuscripts and I can often be heard b*tching about how difficult my partner is acting. She is obstinate. She is unyielding.

But now I am working on a project with my husband, and I'm being a complete a-hole. A perfectionist. A control freak. I ask for help and then I ding all his suggestions. Poor David. It's not you, honey, it's me!


Tiffany Strelitz Haber said...

i haven't gotten a kindle yet. i have no interest! haha- i think i am probably a nightmare to work with too. it comes with the territory of wanting/demanding the best possible work.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Hmmm, very interesting. I haven't gotten a Kindle, because I love books in hand. But I've felt out-of-step with the world. Maybe I'll just keep walking my own walk, enjoying paper books until they are no more.

Jeff King said...

Real books, in hand, are the only way to read... at least for me.

I couldn't work with anyone when it comes to writing.

Little Ms J said...

I don't like reading on my iPad either. I want a book filled with pages and ink and dogears!

Diane said...

I don't think I will ever go the e-book way. Just not my thing. :O)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I've been so on the fence about Kindle. I don't think I'll like it, but I am intrigued by the idea of being able to keep all my books in one small space, because at the rate I'm going we're going to have to build a new wing on the house (which we totally cannot afford and if we were going to it should be for an extra bedroom or an exercise room!) just to store all our billions of books which are stacked in piles because we're out of shelf space!

Hardygirl said...

Ha!! I think you're just right all the time!

And I'm on the fence about e-readers. I got an ipad, and one thing I like is that I can check out books from our library on it. Plus, I can wake up in the middle of the night and stay in bed and read without turning on the light and waking up my poor husband.

But--I can't see it when I'm wearing my sunglasses which makes it hard to read outside or in the car. And I keep checking my email. And I'm really scared I'm going to drop it in the pool.

Yeah, and I really like paper.


storyqueen said...

I don't think I could create something creative with my husband.

I would always have to have my own way, I think. Of course, that would be because I am always right:)

Kristin said...

Two times I *love* my Kindle.

1. At the gym. No pesky holding down flipping pages while you're bouncing on the treadmill or elliptical.
2. At the beach. No wind flipping those pages.

But I still love the good old paper bes

Kristin said...

Uh, that would be best. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I eventually want to get some type of ereader. I also don't want to give up on actual books. I think for me an ereader would give me more options. More oportunities to read when away from home.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that not all writers work well with a co-author. That ground rules need to be set down before starting the writing process. Wish I could remember where I read that.

Good luck!

Rebecca Gomez said...

I wish I had a really wicked laugh, but I guess I'll settle for ROFL! ;-)

Lydia Kang said...

I read on my Kindle for Mac and I still prefer a book. Sigh.

Pam Calvert said...

Well, you're sweet to try to collaborate. I don't think I'd be good at it for all the reasons you give!