Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture Book Swap, Anyone?

I've only been blogging for a month, but I have already met tons of cool people. One example is Aaron Zenz over at Bookie Woogie. I had visited his blog, but it wasn't until he left me a comment here that I investigated further and discovered that he is the author and illustrator of The HICCUPotamus. If anyone read my post on one way to make a picture book stand out, you will see immediately why I love this book!

There once was a hippopotamus
Who hiccupped quite-a-lotamus.
And every time he got-emus...
He'd fall upon his bottomus.

Could anything be sillier or Seussier than that?

I went to order it and found that it wasn't available anywhere. I contacted Aaron and he explained that the original publisher went out of business, but it will be re-released by Marshall Cavendish in the fall of '09. Great news! But, I couldn't wait that long. (I'm a lot like a three year old in many respects.) So, I asked Aaron if he had a copy at home that he could send me. That's when he had the fabulous suggestion of a book swap.

We're dropping signed copies of our books in the mail to each other this week. That got me thinking... anyone else interested in swapping picture books?

P.S. Guess who I will be purchasing my next piece of picture book art from?


Sherrie Petersen said...

That looks like a cute book. Did he do the artwork also?

corey schwartz said...

Yes! You can see more of his artwork at his web site. Click on the Hiccupotamus link in the post.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love Bookie Woogie. It's my new favorite blog (besides yours, Corey)!

I'm so glad to see his book will be re-released by Marshall Cavendish. I saw that call for submissions in their new "classics" division. Aaron's book is definitely on my must-have list.

I have tons of books we can swap. Bring a few next time I see you!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'd like to say "duh" to my comment. I thought you meant swapping books from my collection, not books I had written. Sorry, don't have any yet. But since I already have a signed book from you, you are first on my list when I do get one published! LOL!

Corey Schwartz said...

Hi Tara,

It could be construed either way. I'm open :)