Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happiness is...

I got tagged last week by Shelli from Market My Words,which made me realize, I really want to have it both ways. I want to be tagged, because, otherwise, I feel like nobody loves me. (Thanks, Shelli!) But I don't actually want to do these things!

Anyway, I am supposed to write down six things that make me happy, so here I go:

1) Scuba diving- Heaven on Earth
2) Signing- I think the only blogger who knows this about me is Jules over at Seven Imp's, but I have a Masters in Deaf ed and used to teach at the Lexington School for the Deaf.
3) Those rare moments when my kids are playing nicely together!
4) Starbucks Coffee Frappacinos- I buy them by the case
(Oh my God, make that f-r-a-p-p-u-c-c-i-n-o-s. I drink three a day. You'd think I could get the spelling right!)
5) Hearing kids laugh when I read Hop! Plop! on a school visit.
6) Having Obama for our President

Well, you can see why I am a picture book writer. I got down in 83 words what it took Shelli 525 to do! :)


Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i have to ranble about my things. like i have to explain myself :)

BookChook said...

I made the resolution when I began my blog that I wouldn't take part in memes. I know it brings me less traffic, but I want my blog to reach out to my target audience ie parents, so I try to make my posts solely about literacy and literature. (Okay, there was my one rant about equipping baby strollers with dvd screens, but I lost my cool over that one!)

Like you, part of me wants to. It reminds me of the goofing off all of us did at college, and is just fun and friendly.

However, as a reader of your blog, it was interesting to find out some more things about you. Other than that you are a Hinketty-Pink Meister, I mean!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! Shelli, you know it wasn't meant as any sort of criticism, right? I love reading your posts!

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, Book Chook, I remember that one! I was appalled. We don't even have a DVD player in our car for long trips.

I'm still trying to figure out my focus. I want it to be on reading and writing picture books, but does that mean I can't mention funny things my kids have said? After all, who knows whats fodder for a new PB?

BookChook said...

I figure focus constantly evolves. Mine certainly does.

Your focus is great! I love to read what the kids say, think about things. Not just from the pov of a picture book writer, but also because I find it so entertaining.

And I think it becomes WHO you are on the internet, contributes to your platform, so please don't stop!

Corey Schwartz said...

Aw, you're sweet. Did I mention it makes me happy when people tell me they like my blog :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

I miss scuba diving. I haven't done that since I had kids :(

And I totally agree -- moments when my kids are getting along without help from the television, are perfect bliss :)

PurpleClover said...

Poop. My B&N didn't have your book in stock. I'll have to order it online. (They told me they could order it but it's quite a drive to my closes B&N)

Jacqui said...

I have only been scuba diving once and have been trying since then to figure out a way to do it again. Absolutely the second best thing...after kids laughing at my book.

I like your list.

Kasie West said...

I like your list and would completely and totally agree with number 3. Ahhh, my children playing nicely together, it happens so often. They come home from school, hand in hand, skip happily to their rooms, don't ask me for a thing, and let me write all day long. Uh, did I mention I'm a fantasy writer? LOL With four kids, you can imagine how often number 3 happens around here.