Sunday, November 7, 2010


I had dinner at a lovely restaurant last night with Katniss and Peeta. They weren't invited, but they came anyway. I was so worried about how they would make it out of the arena alive that I couldn't focus on anything my husband was saying.

Our friends Jackie and Dimitry chatted about the new baby they ware expecting. "What name do you like better- Kira or Sasha?" they asked. Have you considered Katniss? "We hope it's a girl so Nika can have a sister," Jackie added. Just be happy they'll never have to go to a reaping.

Kudos to Suzanne Collins for commandeering my entire evening It takes talent to do that!


Rebecca Gomez said...

It was like that for me too when I read it. That's why I loved it. Same thing happened when reading Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Deb Markanton said...

Okay, Corey. This made me snort with laughter!! Because I can totally relate!

storyqueen said...

These books totally captivated me...and I didn't expect it!

(Though I don't think I'd name a kid Katniss.....)


Julie Hedlund said...

Yes, same with me! I had 15 pages left to go after taking a flight home this past August. I decided I couldn't wait so instead of going home to eat dinner with my family, I went to a cafe at the airport and dined with Katniss and Peeta. It had been a long time since a book had sucked me in to that degree.

I then inhaled Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Only after I finished both could normal life resume

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yep! That's how I was when I read it, too! :-)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

So funny! Don't you just love it when you get roped in like that. :)

Unknown said...

I'm just glad I read this series BEFORE the Thanksgiving holiday, or I'm afraid everyone would be going hungry. LOL!

Anonymous said...


I read the first two in 3-4 days. That was about a month before MOCKINGJAY was released. That was the longest month of my life.

Hardygirl said...

I'm listening to MOCKINGJAY in my car right now. I just finished the first two within the last couple of weeks. So, yeah. I'm hooked.

I actually cried when I went to vote last week because I'd been listening to CATCHING FIRE. I saw all the people with their signs--peacefully hawking their candidate--and it just did me in. I know. I'm a GOOBER!!!